Month: July 2016


Talking Change on the radio this Friday

If you are experiencing discomfort because of changes happening in your life you might find it useful to tune into BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Friday at 8pm, I will be talking with Antonia Brickell about coping with change.


I will be talking with Antonia Brickell as she sits in for Sue Marchant on Friday 15 June.

We’ll discuss change and the normal emotions that everyone experiences when dealing with change, how to manage your emotions and take control of your situation.

So if you are finding life tough because of changes that are going on, whether planned or not, you may find this a useful programme.

I will be on 8pm to 9pm, and then it will be available online for a week.

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Managing Your Anger

The final of Queens was halted earlier this week by the apparent loss of control of tennis player David Nalbandian, who apologised after kicking an advertising hoarding into a line judge at Queen’s.


The Argentine was disqualified after causing injury to the judge – not the way anyone would want a final to end. BBC Sport online calls his actions ‘an instinctive action of fury and frustration – but the vicious assault on the advertising hoarding and the inevitable impact on the line judge, who was struck on the leg at point blank range, was indefensible.’

The trouble is when you are in a situation of high tension with a lot riding on the outcome an instinctive response to frustration may be to lash out. He would not have intended to hurt anyone, the intention for him would be to release the frustration and play on. Unfortunately someone was hurt so he was disqualified.

I got into hypnotherapy after having a couple of sessions to overcome my own response to frustration, that was over 15 years ago and I am happy to report I have never felt that level of anger since, and when I was looking for a change of direction in 2007 I looked for Trevor Silvester who had worked with me and ended up training with him.

Since completing my training I have worked with people on a number of issues and anger regularly comes up as an area of concern. I have helped many people change their response to anger, whether it be bursting into tears or experiencing a total loss of control and blindly lashing out to be told later in the police cells about what damage has been done.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy has proved to be successful in helping people remain calm and to handle things with a level of maturity they didn’t know they possessed. If you would like to change your response to anger give me a call on 01954 715406 or email me today.


Are you ready to quit in Stoptober?

The NHS has launched it’s Stoptober campaign to help people quit smoking this month.

Many people use hypnotherapy to provide extra help in the process of giving up smoking.

I have helped 60-a-day smokers to give up, but the key to changing any behaviour is you must want to stop smoking for any treatment to work. Hypnotherapy can help to identify any blocks to giving up so it can be very effective.

Hypnotherapy is often used to help clients achieve the behavioural change needed to stop smoking but it’s so important to use someone who knows what they are doing. It’s important to remember there are no guarantees and avoid anyone who offers one.

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is the UK regulator for complementary therapists and was set up with government funding and support. Selecting a completementary therapist who is registered with the CNHC will help you to ensure you are working with someone qualified in their field who is keeping up to date in their practice.

For further information, please contact Jacqui on 01954 715406 or by email

Hypnosis more powerful than CBT and psychotherapy

A report in the Independent highlights the proven effectiveness of hypnosis to treat many physical conditions.

The Independent quotes medical research to back up the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating IBS, chest pains, cystic fibrosis and snoring, as well as showing it’s abiliites to help heal wounds more quickly, relieve pain during childbirth and allow dental work to be carried out without the use of anaesthetic.

I have been fortunate enough to have helped many people deal with health issues, from reducing high blood pressure symptoms to working with people with cancer. I also provide recordings that people can listen to in between sessions to ensure they are getting the best from their sessions.

The report talks about the misconceptions around hypnosis, which I am faced with whenever I tell people what I do for a living, but the good thing is most people are interested in finding out more and once they have talked to me they know I am not going to take control of them and make them do something they don’t want to do.

If you have a health concern please call today on 01954 715406 or email to find out how hypnosis can complement the treatment you are already receiving from your GP.

Hear my chat with Antonia Brickell on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

If you are struggling to cope with change you may pick up some pointers by listening into my conversation with Antonia Brickell on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on 15 June.

Click this link to listen again.

We started talking 20 minutes into the programme and we had a good chat about managing change. Antonia received a lot of calls/texts/emails about dealing with loss. While she didn’t want to go into detail on air I hope that that the things we did say were helpful.

I will write a blog shortly about managing after a loss and give some techniques for dealing with loss. The main thing is to be nice to yourself when you are bereaved, don’t feel guilty or measure your progress against others, just allow yourself to grieve and also allow yourself to remember your loved one.

If you have been struggling to come to terms with loss please do give me a call on 07880 776756 to discuss how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you.

Listen again as I talk with Mark Rumble on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

I was on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Sunday talking to Mark Rumble about skydiving, fostering and hypnotherapy.

We had a great chat, it really is like talking to an old friend, even though I had never met him before. I loved being asked to pick three songs from my life, it took a bit of thinking about but I managed to find three songs that I would happily share with anyone. It was a great show, I was on from 9.15 and if you want to know what my songs were you can listen again, just click here

When we were talking about skydiving we got onto discussing fears and phobias, hypnotherapy can help to deal with phobias in a very short space of time, generally no more than three sessions.

We also talked about fostering, we have just been approved as foster carers, and to get to this point we have experienced a lot of stress and difficulties. We decided to foster as we are unable to have children of our own, this has meant dealing with a lot of emotions over a long time. This could have been overwhelming – luckily I am able to use my own techniques to help me deal with things.

I sometimes think it is easy to believe that a therapist is always sorted and confident and in control of their lives and emotions. We are human too, we feel disappointment and sadness the same as everyone else, but we do have tools available to us to move through our emotions.

If you are struggling to deal with an aspect of your life, give me a call to find out how hypnotherapy can give you the tools to take back control.
Call me on 01954 715406 or email me today.


Skydive for Magpas part 2

I was speaking with Mark Rumble on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning about my skydive for Magpas.

It was a great show, I picked three songs from my life and if you want to know what they were you can click here to listen again. I was on from 9.15am to 9.45am.

If you would like to take part in the skydive this year, on 30 June or 1 July contact Magpas now on 01480 371 060 or email:

To find out about the Magpas lottery, or how you can help raise funds while staying firmly on the ground call 01480 371 060.

If you have a fear of flying that might stop you taking part give me a call today on 07880 776756 or email to find out how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears.


Is Fear Ruining Your Life?

Yesterday Jeremy Vine was talking to Richard Bandler on BBC Radio 2 about the use and effectiveness of NLP in dealing with phobias.

I have helped people overcome their phobias using NLP techniques, and it never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to in an effort to live with their phobia rather than deal with it, someone with an extreme fear of the dentist might be prepared to live with excruciating tooth ache rather than get it checked out, I have been told of someone with a fear of pine trees who refuses to holiday anywhere there may be pine trees.

The trouble with a phobia is you have to be strong enough to say ‘I am ready to face this fear’ before you can take steps to overcome it. The good thing about using NLP to overcome a phobia is that, unlike some treatments it does not ask you to expose yourself to your phobia until it has gone.

In NLP we use a technique called Fast Phobia Cure, and it really does do what it says, it removes phobias quickly, from those common fears such as a fear of flying to a fear of spiders or the less well known fears like a fear of pine trees , NLP can be an effective treatment to help remove the fear totally.

If you or someone you know is living with a fear one simple technique you can use to reduce anxiety is to use 7/11 breathing, simply breathe in for a count of seven and out for a count of eleven, you only need to do that a few times to notice your anxiety diminish. The best thing you can do though is to seek help, giving you the freedom to live without fear.

For a confidential chat call me on 07880 776756.


Skydive for Magpas

This weekend I will be talking to Mark Rumble on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about the skydive I took part in last year for Magpas.


People asked me what it was like to jump out of a plane, my only answer was it is like nothing else I have ever done before.
I love fairground rides, but it is nothing like that, fairground rides can be quite violent in the way they throw you around, this is just like floating in air, very fast. In free fall you move at 120mph, but it really doesn’t feel like that, jumping from 12,000 feet gives you no sense of height or distance. I spent the journey up to 12,000 feet looking out of the door and talking to my instructor about the position I had to be in, and I requested a bit of a fairground ride that lasted (I had heard if you do tricks it goes very quickly).
I had a photographer accompany me, so she went out backwards and hung onto the plane while I got into position with my instructor, head back, hands on my shoulders, feet out under the plane with ankles crossed, and then we flew – oh my word did we fly!
It was breath taking (literally), we kind of rolled out of the plane, head first looking at the ground, which was amazing, then we turned around a few times and found the camera woman who kept giving me the thumbs up, we kept turning and every now and then waving at the camera and then the chute opened and our drop was halted.
The next bit was great, looking at the fields below and gently falling before doing some spins and hard turns that were just amazing, then we would gently ‘chill’ as the instructor put it, floating down, he let me steer for a while but as I didn’t know where I was going he soon had to take over again for a few more spins which I found totally liberating and amazing.
Everything took on a different quality as if I was seeing things for the first time (it’s a bit like taking up painting and suddenly seeing in terms of colour and light and shade), the wheat fields looked like carpets, people on the ground looked so close to my feet even though they were nowhere near, the whole experience gave me such a buzz. I did think we were going to land on people’s heads which was weird, and although we were the first out of the plane we were third to land so I know I really got the best of the experience.
It is over in less than five minutes, but to anyone who is looking for the experience of a lifetime I would highly recommend a tandem skydive, while you are at it you could raise money for a worthy cause at the same time, Magpas are holding the next skydive on 30 June 2012, if you are interested in taking part e-mail: or call 01480 371 060.
Cognitive Hypnotherapy can hel you to overcome a fear of flying, or any other phobia, for a confidential chat call today on 01954 715406.

Is your quest for approval ruining your life?

Having just read Arabella Weir’s article about coming to terms with her body shape in the Telegraph I was struck by how like some of my clients she is.


On the outside confident, happy and content with her life, on the inside wanting to be something that she doesn’t feel she can attain, and therefore, always left feeling not good enough. For Arabella it was being told by her mother that every time she watched her eat it was ‘like having hot knives stuck into her eyes’, I am not sure if that was intended to guide her towards being the person her mother felt she ‘should’ be, but clearly that would create an emotional response more likely to result in low self esteem and potentially end up with a damaging eating disorder.

Arabella admits to having found a level of peace with herself the way she is, but to still hearing a voice in her  head sneering “do you really need to eat that?”

If you identify with this and find you have a sneering voice in your head a simple technique you can try is to change the voice in the following ways:

  • Speed the voice up so that it sounds like Pinky & Perky (younger readers may need to refer to YouTube!)
  • Find a volume control and turn it down
  • Respond to the voice by saying “Not today. I’m not getting into this today” and go on with what you were doing

For help with feelings of low self esteem and emotional eating issues do give me a call on 01954 715406 or Email


Talking Change on the radio this Friday

If you are experiencing discomfort because of changes happening in your life you might find it useful to tune into BBC Radio …

Fat boxer penguin  with gloves- 3D render

Managing Your Anger

The final of Queens was halted earlier this week by the apparent loss of control of tennis player David Nalbandian, who apologised …


Are you ready to quit in Stoptober?

The NHS has launched it’s Stoptober campaign to help people quit smoking this month. Many people use hypnotherapy to …