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Control Stress, Anxiety & Panic Disorders

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If stress, anxiety, panic attacks, social fears, sleep problems,  low self-esteem or lack of confidence are affecting your life you are not alone.

These are quite common problems which can be improved with the use of Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques.

Stress, Anxiety Panic


Anxiety is usually triggered by a specific situation such as preparing for an important meeting, dealing with relationship problems or driving on fast roads, untreated the anxiety can get worse. People may become creative in trying to avoid certain situations and ultimately end up limiting their life in more and more ways, which in itself makes the anxiety even worse and can lead to panic attacks.

Stress is a description we tend to give to how we feel when things are becoming too much to handle, learning what triggers your stress response and how to handle stressful situations differently can help improve your life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help to identify what it is that causes you anxiety, stress or panic. Working together using hypnosis we can eliminate the triggers for your problem, before you learn techniques that you can use whenever you want to take back control of your emotional response.

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Case Study – Anxiety

In 2009 a woman in her 30s came to me with severe anxiety that was affecting her on a daily basis, to the point that she recognised that she was creating problems where none existed e.g. worrying on a train that the other passengers may not have a ticket.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques we quickly got to the reason for the anxiety – her unconscious believed that by worrying it made things go well. Under hypnosis my client recognised that things go even better  without the worry and was able to retrain her unconscious. Wth this new knowledge she has been free from anxiety since.


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