Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy incorporates the latest understanding from  Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory and NLP, drawing on recent research to provide a unique approach to therapy.

Hypnosis is a process where an individual or group are guided into an altered state of awareness for an agreed purpose. The hypnotic state is not much different to the time between sleep and wakefulness and everyone experiences hypnosis in their own unique way. It is a condition we experience on a daily basis, if you have ever driven a car and were unable to recall parts of the journey that is a hypnotic trance state.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques you will be able to access the reason for a specific problem; working together I will assist you in finding lasting solutions to your individual needs.

Everyone is unique, incorporating Wordweaving™ the revolutionary hypnotic language pioneered by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute, we will work with your model of the world to create lasting change, two clients who have the same issues will not necessarily receive the same approach, and will never receive the same hypnotic suggestions.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy does not provide a static approach to healing; it is constantly evolving as new discoveries are made.

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