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Pregnancy and childbirth is a very special time in your life. The problem is that so many times women are overcome with worry and fear about labour, which can have a negative impact on the whole pregnancy.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can support you to meet childbirth with joy and achievement instead of fear or pain. If you are feeling nervous about childbirth and have heard so many horror stories you wonder why you got pregnant in the first place – you are not alone.


Confident Childbirth offers a friendly and effective approach to labour and delivery so you can feel calm and in control before, during and after the birth of your baby.

Most clients just need a short course of four individual one-hour sessions to feel completely ready for the birth of their new baby, so that mentally and emotionally they can look forward to childbirth in a much more relaxed way than before.

Confident Childbirth uses a range of highly effective tools: self-hypnosis, positive visualisations and pain management techniques so that mothers (and their partners) can have the best possible experience of birth.

Whether you choose to undertake the sessions alone or with a birthing partner I will teach you to take control of your experience, working to remove all doubts and fears about giving birth – after all, you got pregnant to have a baby and to support your child as it develops into the best adult it can be, not to worry about the experience of labour.

I have been lucky enough to train with Jane Hodgkin, the Confident Childbirth Quest Institute Trainer. Jane believes in enabling the mother to access her mental resources when they are needed so that she can increase her sense of control.

A course of four sessions to prepare for childbirth is priced at £240.
Case Study – Childbirth
A woman in her early 30s was in the 34th week of her first pregnancy when she started the course of four sessions of Confident Childbirth. She wanted to feel more confident and relaxed about the birth and didn’t want labour to be too long or painful. After two hours in labour she welcomed her son into the world using self-hypnosis, hypnotic pain relief techniques, gas and air and a birthing pool.

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