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A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality is unlikely to cause us any harm.

Common phobias include a fear of heights, spiders, flying, needles and insects. Although it is possible to develop a phobia of practically anything, the most unusual one that I have heard of recently is a fear of pine trees! Most phobias develop in childhood and some are learnt behaviours from parents others have a root in something that happened to us as a child that became processed into a severe reaction.

There are a range of responses to a phobia from physical to emotional; your heart may start beating faster, you may feel hot and start shaking, you may find it difficult to breathe, the need to move away and escape from the stimulus may take hold and you may even think you might die or pass out. Once the danger has passed you may believe your response is irrational but you have no control over your response, you have just been emotionally hijacked.

Phobia Case Study

I spent one session working with an 11 year old boy with a severe phobia of wasps, the week before coming to see me he had been in the car with his mother when a wasp flew through the open window. The boy undid his seatbelt and tried to climb onto his mother’s lap to get away from the danger, nearly causing a serious accident.

During our session we talked about how he got the phobia at the age of 2 when a bee stung him, and how he would like to be without the phobia – enjoying picnics with his family and spending more time outdoors in the summer was the response. After one session of 1.5 hours he left without any anxiety about being outdoors and went off to visit his grandmother.

His mother sent me this in an email two days later:

‘G was tired, but went straight to the lavender at my mum’s house and was fine! ūüôā

G has been practising his thumb and finger press and it seems to calm him.¬† Thank you so much – we are looking forward to a great summer!’

Using hypnosis and NLP most people overcome their fears completely within 1-2 sessions and there is no exposure to the stimulus. Working in my treatment room you will be in a calm, safe environment and we will work at your pace to overcome your old fears.

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