Improve Your Confidence

Improve Your Confidence

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If lack of confidence is holding you back in any area of your life, we can work together to leave you feeling more confident and in control. If you find yourself blushing as soon as someone talks to you, or if you avoid social situations, if you lose the words you want and then walk away knowing exactly what you should have said Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be the answer for you. If you want to increase your social confidence in any given area of your life then lets work together to make that happen. Visit the testimonials page for more.

Case Study – Social Phobia

A man in his thirties came to see me with a severe social phobia that was affecting his work and home life. At work he did not like people coming into the department and asking for assistance, he hated appraisals and became very stressed when they were due, on training courses he would sit at the back of the room and wish he wasn’t there, the tension and anger he was feeling was affecting his home life.

After a few sessions he reported feeling much more confident, he was able to show new employees around the department at induction, and even emailed to let me know he may get involved in teaching others at work, definitely not something he would ever have expected to do.

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