Listen again as I talk with Mark Rumble on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

I was on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Sunday talking to Mark Rumble about skydiving, fostering and hypnotherapy.

We had a great chat, it really is like talking to an old friend, even though I had never met him before. I loved being asked to pick three songs from my life, it took a bit of thinking about but I managed to find three songs that I would happily share with anyone. It was a great show, I was on from 9.15 and if you want to know what my songs were you can listen again, just click here

When we were talking about skydiving we got onto discussing fears and phobias, hypnotherapy can help to deal with phobias in a very short space of time, generally no more than three sessions.

We also talked about fostering, we have just been approved as foster carers, and to get to this point we have experienced a lot of stress and difficulties. We decided to foster as we are unable to have children of our own, this has meant dealing with a lot of emotions over a long time. This could have been overwhelming – luckily I am able to use my own techniques to help me deal with things.

I sometimes think it is easy to believe that a therapist is always sorted and confident and in control of their lives and emotions. We are human too, we feel disappointment and sadness the same as everyone else, but we do have tools available to us to move through our emotions.

If you are struggling to deal with an aspect of your life, give me a call to find out how hypnotherapy can give you the tools to take back control.
Call me on 01954 715406 or email me today.

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