Ollie Coach

Have you and your children met Ollie yet?

Ollie is a young lad who learns all about his super powers from his friend Mr Wilcox, who lives in an old people’s home. Mr Wilcox teaches Ollie how to manage his emotions and build his resilience so that he can deal with the bullies at school.

HeroOllieWith the help of Mr Wilcox Ollie learns how to choose his emotional response to difficult situations, and what super powers he needs to get him through the day.

Ollie teaches us why we feel the way we do, and the ability to decide if that’s what we really want to feel, or to change it for something more helpful.

Using the Ollie concept I work with children to help them learn how to control their emotions, giving them a sense of choice in difficult situations. I also work with adults who work with children, to help them understand the concept and the techniques to use to master their own emotional wellbeing while helping children too.

I am available to give talks to parents, carers, teachers and others who work with children, or to work one to one with youngsters and adults who need a little guidance. We are all resourceful, to learn how you can control your emotions or help a child who is important to you give me a call today on 07880 776756. or email jacqui@jkemp-hypnotherapy.co.uk



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