Skydive for Magpas

This weekend I will be talking to Mark Rumble on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about the skydive I took part in last year for Magpas.


People asked me what it was like to jump out of a plane, my only answer was it is like nothing else I have ever done before.
I love fairground rides, but it is nothing like that, fairground rides can be quite violent in the way they throw you around, this is just like floating in air, very fast. In free fall you move at 120mph, but it really doesn’t feel like that, jumping from 12,000 feet gives you no sense of height or distance. I spent the journey up to 12,000 feet looking out of the door and talking to my instructor about the position I had to be in, and I requested a bit of a fairground ride that lasted (I had heard if you do tricks it goes very quickly).
I had a photographer accompany me, so she went out backwards and hung onto the plane while I got into position with my instructor, head back, hands on my shoulders, feet out under the plane with ankles crossed, and then we flew – oh my word did we fly!
It was breath taking (literally), we kind of rolled out of the plane, head first looking at the ground, which was amazing, then we turned around a few times and found the camera woman who kept giving me the thumbs up, we kept turning and every now and then waving at the camera and then the chute opened and our drop was halted.
The next bit was great, looking at the fields below and gently falling before doing some spins and hard turns that were just amazing, then we would gently ‘chill’ as the instructor put it, floating down, he let me steer for a while but as I didn’t know where I was going he soon had to take over again for a few more spins which I found totally liberating and amazing.
Everything took on a different quality as if I was seeing things for the first time (it’s a bit like taking up painting and suddenly seeing in terms of colour and light and shade), the wheat fields looked like carpets, people on the ground looked so close to my feet even though they were nowhere near, the whole experience gave me such a buzz. I did think we were going to land on people’s heads which was weird, and although we were the first out of the plane we were third to land so I know I really got the best of the experience.
It is over in less than five minutes, but to anyone who is looking for the experience of a lifetime I would highly recommend a tandem skydive, while you are at it you could raise money for a worthy cause at the same time, Magpas are holding the next skydive on 30 June 2012, if you are interested in taking part e-mail: or call 01480 371 060.
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