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For a long time the NCH did not allow me to use testimonials from clients, now that they have it seems fitting to post the testimonials in their entirety here. All testimonials are given on the understanding I will not use client names, but I will use job titles, I keep the original versions and they are available to be checked by the NCH.  New testimonials will be added from time to time.

Anxiety – testimonial
This testimonial was sent three months after working with a lady on self-esteem/confidence issues and a phobia of hospitals:

I am more confident and comfortable with myself, thanks to you.  The work we did helped me enormously & I now see life very differently.

During our last meeting we worked on my fear of hospitals.  I’ve spent quite a lot of time there recently (not for myself), and it was only ehen I found myself humming “Always look on the bright side of life” that I remembered that I used to panic.  I think that can be called a success.

Thank you very much for the help you gave me.  I was afraid that when we finished I might go backwards, but I think I’m still improving.

Wife, mother, PA.

Public speaking – testimonial
This testimonial was sent to me after 2 sessions with a woman whose fear of public speaking meant she struggled in large meetings and it was affecting her confidence at work. Being asked to speak at a friend’s wedding provided the motivation for her to seek help.

‘I believe I had masked my fear of public speaking for many many years.

This masking suddenly became no longer good enough when I was asked to speak at a friend’s wedding and suddenly my ability to do this well really mattered to me. I sought out Jacqui’s help and after a couple of sessions I am now feeling in control and quite relaxed about this task.

This new found confidence is positively affecting so many other areas of my life too. I only wish I had seen Jacqui years ago.’

Public sector worker

Self-esteem – testimonial
This testimonial was sent to me after working with a lovely lady on self-esteem and confidence issues:

Jacqui is a person who has a wealth of experience and can help immensely when it comes to difficult stages in your life. I know that because I was at a low and she helped to enable me not to feel too hard on myself and believe that I have the ability to be strong and deal with certain situations. I’ve never felt so happy! So all credit due and thank you!

Office Administrator

Phobia – testimonial
I recently worked with an 11 year old boy to overcome his phobia of wasps. The week before coming to me he nearly caused a serious traffic accident when a wasp flew into the open window of the car he was travelling in with his mother. After a 1.5 hour session to overcome the phobia his mother sent the following testimonial:
‘G was tired, but went straight to the lavender at my mum’s house and was fine! :)G has been practising his thumb and finger press and it seems to calm him.  Thank you so much – we are looking forward to a great summer!’Mother

Depression – testimonial
The following testimonial is provided by the wife of a client who has been taking anti-depressants on and off for 20 years. The testimonial is provided after 21 sessions that have been spaced out over the course of a year:

“I can say that there is a huge improvement in the person of a year ago.  He is a joy to be with at the moment and is causing me less worry than he was.  I think the improvement is seen by all including employers who says that he is enjoying his job more and is back to the happy chappy he was.  I know that he uses your strategies as a couple of times he has said that he has not felt well at work but gets through it having a good talk to himself as a year ago he would have just come straight home for the week.  He has not had a day off sick since going back in January after his 2nd operation – RESULTI cannot thank you enough for helping him and know that he has decreased his tablets to half a tablet every other day so that is a huge improvement and finds seeing you every now and then a real help.  I can’t say that we don’t have our moments but they are less frequent and less stressful/worrying/anxious than they were.”

Confidence issues – testimonial
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me overcome my confidence issues.

My confidence improved session by session. During these sessions I had a job interview and I am pleased to say that it was successful. I have also been socialising a lot more by taking part in new sporting activities which I was able to feel excited rather than nervous about. I feel much happier and ready to grasp life with both hands! I cant wait to start my new job with my new found confidence. Thank you!”

Medical Professional

Presentation skills – testimonial
“After an in depth evaluation session, Jacqui was able to help me with public speaking with immediate results. She identified the source of my issues very quickly and worked with me to resolve them, with a variety of techniques. My sessions with Jacqui were very positive and  boosted my general communication skills and self confidence as well as my presentation skills.”

Systems analyst
Anger/anxiety issues – testimonial
This testimonial was sent to me by the father of a client who came to me with anger/anxiety issues that were causing deep tension in the home environment. Her father paid for her treatment, he made the initial contact with me, then his daughter came to see me for a series of sessions and at the end of the treatment he sent me the following to use as a testimonial:”Dear Jacqui,

Please feel free to use any or all of the following.

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for Lisa*. You’ve worked wonders. Lisa is much more happier, relaxed, content and chattier now. In fact the norm now is the opposite of how it used to be. Before it was the occasional day where she was as she is now, but now she is like this nearly all the time, and like most folks just has the occasional not so good day.

How I wished we had come to you years ago, and I will always be thankful for what you have done.  I would add that Lisa’s improvement extends to close friends and family too as we are all far more relaxed and at ease with Lisa.”

Regional Technical Director

* Name has been changed

Anxiety Issues – testimonial
I was suffering from bouts of anxiety which were starting to interfere with my ability to be rational about certain situations I was being confronted with.

I had an initial consultation with Jacqui to talk about the anxiety and the techniques that may be able to help during which I was put at ease about how we would be working together and how cognitive hypnotherapy can help.

After the first session of cognitive hypnotherapy with Jacqui I felt an immediate difference in the levels of anxiety I felt, after the second session my anxiety was no longer an issue for me and it felt like it was under control and this continues to be the case.
It was not only the therapies that help me to move on from the anxiety issues, but also how Jacqui helped me to process my thoughts around the situations we discussed.”

HR Consultant

Social Phobia – testimonial
“I have recently finished a course of therapy with Jaqui.

I first went to Jaqui because I knew I needed to get some help with a problem. The problem was affecting not just me but also all of those around me. I was slowly spiralling into a state of deep depression, it was affecting my work and ultimately my home life. I knew I needed to find help. Discovering all the symptoms it seemed I was suffering from social phobia – I had all the traits.

I wanted to speak to someone, but I was unsure who. I discovered Jaqui’s Web site and plucked up enough courage to phone her. A fairly emotional phone call later, I had made an appointment with her. For me the first appointment was quite nerve wracking and emotional, it’s difficult for us Men to express ourselves, especially to a stranger. Jaqui listened and talked me through some therapy which I now use often.

The next session was great I felt like a New Person, I had done my therapy whenever I felt my anxiety creeping up on me, but we still hadn’t got to the root cause of my problem. In our third session Jaqui used more techniques and we discovered that a childhood incident was a trigger point for my emotional state.

I had four very good sessions with Jaqui over a period of two months and I discovered a lot. I took on board all that she said and the therapy that she showed me.

I am now a much happier and contented person, friends and colleagues who know me well have noticed a change. There are, and still will be times of anxiety for me, moments when I will think ‘I cannot cope’ and the worry of meeting new people, but the therapy I was shown really helps me.

The Therapy is not a ‘Cure ALL’ you have to want to change, you will need to work at it – but it really works.”

Medical professional

Anxiety/confidence issues – testimonial
“Hi Jacqui

As you are aware I spent a number of years studying NLP & how it can help people overcome the barriers that stop us achieving our dreams & goals. I personally feel that it is such a powerful and simple technique that more people should experience what could be in their lives rather than accepting second best.

Working with you confirmed  to me that you have a solid understanding of how to use these techniques & I believe there are many people in both the business community & in other areas that could benefit by removing some of the limiting beliefs that stop good people becoming outstanding.”

Local business owner


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